How do I know if my vehicle needs an alignment?
If you drive down a straight road and feel the car pulling or drifting to one side of the road or if you look at your tires and see places in the tread that look worn out unevenly, usually on the inside or outside edges.

What is involved in getting a vehicle aligned?
We check tie rod ends, ball joints, sway bars and bushings and other suspension related parts. If no repairs are necessary, we are able to align your vehicle.

What if there is a broken or worn out part under there?
We will put together an estimate for your speciific needs. You can decide when and if you want the repairs done before we proceed.

How much will this cost?
Alignment prices start for most cars at $69, SUV’s and pick-up’s are $79 and semi trucks are $125 per end + cost of shims. Prices will vary for vehicles that are damaged, wrecked or modified. In some cases, until replacement of parts or repairs have been made, a vehicle cannot be aligned yet. An evaluation with an estimate of cost for labor and/or parts can be completed for $49. We pull the car on the rack so we can see clearly underneath, analyze movement and function of your vehicle and determine any essential repairs for alignment. The price for quality parts and our labor costs are listed for you and you can determine when you want to make those repairs. Most of the time, alignments can be complete for our standard prices. For more information see our services page or call us.

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